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1) List at least 3 cultural values that set Hindu Dharma apart from Abrahamic faiths and discuss their relevance in today’s world.
2) What social causes are you passionate about, and how do you use your Hindu heritage to serve these causes?
3) What will you do in order to keep Hindu Dharma alive, and have it continued for the next generations?
4) What do the vedas teach us?
5) What significant contributions you want to make to the world on behalf of Hinduism?
6) How Hinduism guides us to live with nature, and be ecofriendly?
  • Global climate change has been occurring since earth came to existence, when we study Sanatan Vedic Dharma, it reminds us in Rig Veda “The existence of creation is prior to creator and only through loving this creation one can attain knowledge of creator” such lessons tell us how our Vedic Dharam has been always responsible and has learned to live with nature?
7) Swami Vivekanada said in 1893: “I thank you in name of Mother of religions” expand on this thought?
8) A Cause That Fires You Up.
  • What are you fired up about? Tell us about a cause you deeply and passionately care about and what you have done to fight for it.
9) Identity and Belonging.
  • Who are you? Where do you belong? Conflicted or Clear? Share your thoughts.
10) Share Three Things About Your Heritage That Swell Your Heart With Pride.
  • Tell us three things about your heritage that are so precious that you can never give up. Why?
11) If you can meet someone from Indian history who would it be and why? What would you say to them?
12) It is the Year 2322, what is one of the most important aspects of Indian culture you would want future generations to know about? Why?