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  • 01Are students allowed to save and edit their applications?

    Yes, students have the ability to start their applications, save work and finish tasks before deadlines, also each student secured account is open for up to 5 years as student are going to submit their progress transcripts as they move up in their education.

  • To be considered for a scholarship, applicant must complete all sections of the application. Profile, Academic, Nepotism, Authorization, Documents all sections must be completed in succession.

  • Seven initially.

    • Award 1. In Memory of Dr. Mahesh Mehta
    • Award 2. In Memory of Smt. Anjali Bhen Pandya
    • Award 3. In Memory of Shri. Ram Suchdev
    • Award 4. Asthana Family
    • Award 5. Par-Vidya Bansal Family Foundation
    • Award 6. In memory of Late Shri Debi Prasad ji Sodhani
    • Award 7. Hari Bindal Family
    • Award 8. Uttamjan Family Foundation
  • No, only one application and essay per student

  • Following are the conditions for eligibility.

    1. Must Be a follower of Sanatan Vedic Dharma (Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, or Sikh)
    2. Public Schools, Private Schools and Home School Students can apply
    3. American Citizen or Lawful Resident
    4. High School Senior graduating in the current school year
    5. Minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 Scale or 4.0 GPA on a 5.0 Scale

  • The Scholarship program is for High School Senior students who are gradating in the current academic year. If you are already in college unfortunately you are not eligible for this program

  • The Scholarship program is for High School Senior Students who are graduating in the current academic year.

  • You will receive a $2000 Scholarship paid over 4 years of undergraduate studies at a recognized and accredited university or college (with minimum 2 years program), you are required to submit your transcripts and progress report to receive your continued scholarship amount. (Deadline and date of submission will be informed by email and letter each year)

  • Funds are raised from the American Hindu Community and are deposited in an endowment fund. Donations to this fund are welcome.

  • Absolutely, you can sponsor the program with minimum $2500 for the one scholarship or $50,000 endowment fund for lifetime of Scholarship award each year.

  • Yes, provided they disclose the relationship provided in the application form.

  • Following are the conditions for eligibility.

    1. Students will be selected based on Academic Achievements
    2. Completeness of the Application
    3. Essay review
    4. Final Review by Board of Selectors who’s decision is final.

  • Last day to submit application is midnight April 30th, 2023